About me

My name is Milly Gilbert and i have been battling with my health since about the age of 15/16. It all started off with tonsillitis almost monthly followed by a bad bout of glandular fever. At the age of 18 i had my tonsils removed and two days after my operation i had a nasty infection and was back in hospital for a week as i couldn’t eat or drink. since then my health has been a downwards spiral. At 19 i was diagnosed with endometriosis after battling with crippling pain for over a year and i was still having loads of tests into why my back was so bad. At 20 they found out i had degenerative disks and i had to have injections into my spine but they didn’t work. The pain started getting worse and worse and was spreading all over my body and i didn’t know why. At 21 i was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis and at 22  i was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic pain syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome. I was also diagnosed with a bowel prolapse and idiopathic intracranial hypertension which basically meant i was going blind and needed urgent treatment. At 23 i was diagnosed with hyper mobility syndrome after being crazy flexible my whole life. I will be 24 in June and my health is always getting worse. I battle with anxiety and depression which has had its ups and downs.

I am very honest an open about my battles around my whole health. Some don’t like the fact that i’m honest but this is my life 24/7 and my honesty has helped others who have also been struggling with nowhere to turn.


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